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Mrs. H 

“Knew Health has been an immense blessing during an unexpected health concern I experienced. I don't know what I'd do without them! The staff is extremely helpful and I can tell they truly care"


"This is not only a wonderful place to work, but also for doing business. The customer service ideals some may think are lost, can be found here. We are a member centric company where each individual is valued as an individual with different needs. Our members are the only reason we are in business, and it shows."


“I HAD a good experience with it back last year when I needed a surgery and worked really well with calling in and getting everything to work. Now I am almost being sent to collections because they haven't paid my bill. I have been calling for 4 months. I have been told a month a go that it would be paid in 2 days. A month later and still nothing. I now have a call in 2 1/2 weeks to sort this out with the claims department. This is my 3rd call with the claims department. I am beyond stressed.”


"I love my sidecare insurance, and teh whole idea, but using it is a different story. Most docotrs I go to do not know how to deal with a fee for service. They don't want to have to deal with me paying upfront htey want to bill me, and it is sometimes and ordeal to get my payments and receipts. It happens more often than not."


"Never experienced this bad of a coverage and responsiveness before. I had to pay out of pocket because my doc wouldn’t see me since Pívot had claims from 8 months without processing them. Then they didn’t cover what they said. Don’t get this insurance, it’s not worth it. I’m getting swamped with doctor bills.
My agent CHRISTIAN WAS NEVER AVAILABLE only to make the insurance sell. The lady’s that helped were nice but never resolved.
I have changed insurance provider."

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