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Why High-Deductible Health Insurance May Not Be Your Best Choice

Updated: Apr 21, 2023

When you plan your healthcare, it's common to view alternative or holistic care and your coverage as separate. If you seek functional, holistic, naturopathic, or homeopathic medicine, you may assume your health coverage won't help. This often leads to purchasing high-deductible or "catastrophic" coverage, which may not optimize your healthcare spending. But there is a better philosophy that can save you thousands of dollars each year. You read that right--thousands!

You can find coverage that supports both traditional and alternative medical treatments. Most people are surprised when they learn that this kind of coverage exists. The problem is that it can be masked behind new terminology and fear of the unknown.

The first step is to learn a few new terms that aren't commonly used in the standard insurance and medical system, such as direct primary care, medical cost-sharing (healthsharing), advocacy, and wellness programs. Educate and familiarize yourself with these terms if you decide you want to look any further into more natural kinds of healthcare.

Next, start by thinking differently about high-deductible health insurance. After all, it's a concept that the health insurance companies have sold us and one that we have been conditioned to believe we need. The health insurance industry has a game plan to increase our premiums and out-of-pocket costs yearly, and it's working perfectly. When purchasing health insurance, how many think we need a "high deductible catastrophic plan"? (see how the ACA defined "catastrophic plans"-- it doesn't even apply to most people).

The answer is that most of us believe it, and it's not by accident. In theory, this makes sense when deductibles and out-of-pocket maximums are reasonable.

Example from Orange County, FL- Family of 4 with parents that are 40 years of age. The cheapest local "Bronze (catastrophic) Plan" is $1,166 monthly, with a $17,200 deductible and out-of-pocket maximum. The same company offers a Silver Plan for $1,717 monthly, with a $2,900 deductible and $12,600 out-of-pocket maximum. For a quick summary, that is $8,265 more per year! In other words, when these are the only options in front of us, we should elect the"catastrophic" or Bronze Plan, but that

does not make it right.

Instead, consider membership-based healthcare, which offers an all-inclusive membership for holistic primary care and urgent care needs and a $2,500 safety net for "catastrophic" medical bills. This approach for the same family of 4 is $400 less monthly and lowers the costs to $0 for a holistic provider.

And suppose you have an unforeseen "catastrophic" medical event. In that case, your cost is $2,500 instead of the ever-increasing insurance out-of-pocket limit.

You can save money and receive the necessary care by exploring alternative healthcare coverage options. We encourage those who need to plan their healthcare coverage to learn about new terms and approaches that can help you optimize your healthcare spending.

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